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Survey & Analysis: Sphinx iQ 2

  • Advanced form design

  • Multichannel collection

  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis

Data visualization & Reporting: DATAVIV '

  • Statistical analyzes (Quanti & Quali)

  • Interactive reporting and dynamic infographics

  • Scripting and online sharing

Qualitative analysis: Sphinx Quali

  • Corpus import

  • Semantic analysis

  • Content analysis

Online survey: Sphinx Declic

  • Questionnaire design

  • Web / SMS collection

  • Shared analysis

Our services


Whether you need an introduction to our software, an improvement or a subject-specific specialization, Sphinx training alternates practice and methodology to meet the expectations of all users.

As a consultancy and expertise center for data collection and analysis, Sphinx takes charge of all or part of your study, according to your needs.


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