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Customer satisfaction:

Boost your brand's potential

Why is it so important to measure customer satisfaction and seek to improve it?

What image does our brand convey?
What are the differentiation levers to improve customer satisfaction?
How can we strengthen customer loyalty?

What can customer satisfaction bring to our business?


Understanding and mastering your brand image and the satisfaction of your customers  becomes a major challenge to secure your position on the market in the long term.


Image and satisfaction assessment:
an essential diagnostic tool for your brand and your customer capital

Our approach

An exhaustive diagnosis essential for revealing results

  • Interrogate all the key targets of your market: an assessment carried out with a representative sample of your customers, prospects, abandoners...

  • A mixed device:

        -qualitative (focus groups) to understand your brand's image, territory, DNA and identify its lines of adhesion                  and rejection.

        -quantitative to measure the satisfaction and performance of the brand on its different components (notoriety,              image dimensions, offer, service, price, advertising campaigns...).

  • An experimented methodology with a questionnaire adapted to your challenges.

         -closed questions, to measure performance

         -open-ended questions for a  « word for word » collection

         -engaging form based on interactivity to obtain the best response rates and collect the feelings in a fine                           manner (closed and open questions)

         -the introduction of specific themes / items to also probe the targets on your challenges and / or strategic                    projects

Diversified analysis for a powerful global brand strategy

  • Comparison of your results on key indicators (CSAT, intent to repurchase, NPS...) with average market performance (benchmarks).

  • Operational typology of your customers, prospects and abandoners: : segment volume and description, profiles, needs, and operational recommendations for each segment.

  • Decision Support Analyses : Satisfaction /Brand Loyalty, Importance/Performance, Importance/Customer numbers concerned.

  • In-depth qualitative assessment of your brand to help you understand and build and/or strengthen your uniqueness :  territory, competitive positioning, missions and values, strengths, weaknesses, potentials... overall and by target.

  • Combined quantitative and qualitative data analysis:  : figures « enlightened » by the insights and verbatim from the qualitative phase and open-ended questions.

Personalised and targeted advice

  • Based on your results and our knowledge of your challenges, we provide concrete recommendations to guide your brand strategy and customer satisfaction.

  • For a mastered piloting : implementation of a barometer to monitor regularly the impact of the actions implemented and the indicators for evaluating the brand and satisfaction.

Your benefits


Developed study systems for a detailed understanding of your brand and customer satisfaction


Follow-up surveys to identify trends and events impacts 


Enlightening and prospective analyses dedicated to improving customer loyalty and conquering new markets


Platforms analysis

Satisfaction analysis
Sphinx MEA- projet tourisme-satisfaction des clients.png
Satisfaction Assessment
Sphinx MEA-satisfaction des clients-Habitat.png

Other examples

infographie les tunisiens et les services clients Le sphinx MEA : DATAVIV'.jpg
infographie supermarché :satisfaction client, un engagement quotidien Le Sphinx MEA: DATAVIV'.jpg
infographie santé avec la data visualisation Le Sphinx : DATAVIV'.jpg
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