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Teacher / Researcher

Opt for the power of analysis

Le Sphinx and the world of teaching and research is the story of a long collaboration, initiated since the foundation of the company by Pr. Jean Moscarola and maintained by a team with a true sense of pedagogy.

Our team is developing a continuously updated knowledge base in survey methodology and statistical data analysis. Whether you are a teacher, researcher, pedagogical manager, or research engineer, you are required to teach survey techniques and/or to carry out research projects.


To meet your needs, Le Sphinx offers very preferential rates for the academic world.

What Sphinx tools help you teach survey methods and carry out qualitative and quantitative research projects?

Sphinx Campus

The complete device for teaching surveys: Teaching lesson sequences, illustrating case studies and practicing a survey solution.

Sphinx IQ3

The reference software for all your research projects: Write your questionnaires, collect responses and analyze your data.


This tool constitutes a unique software allowing to build interactive dashboards associating the power of statistical analysis with the richness of data visualization.

Bibliography on survey methods and techniques

For more information...

DATAVIV 'tutorial

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