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From initiation to specialization, Sphinx training meets all your expectations!

Who better than Le Sphinx to train you to master our software?

Our trainers are informed of all the evolutions of our software and trained in each update. This is why only Sphinx consultant-trainers are certified and authorized to provide training on Sphinx software and applications.


With them, we are committed to offering you quality services, in accordance with your defined needs and objectives.

Sphinx training programs are classified into several types of training, depending on your requirements:

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Initiation training to quickly discover and master Sphinx solutions.

Advanced training to master advanced functions and improve your surveys.

Specialization and Business Training to develop your skills regarding specific issues.


Sphinx training courses are conducted according to 3 organizational modalities:

In distance learning to train you at a distance and at your own pace on specific points.

On your site to train one or more collaborators on your premises.

In inter-company session to train a collaborator in an environment that promotes the exchange of experience.

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