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Training evaluation :

Measure the quality and efficiency

What are the training needs of our collaborators?
How can we set up an effective training evaluation system?
Does this training contribute to the development of collaborators' skills? 

The reform of vocational training initiated by the State is forcing the various actors to take a responsible approach to strengthening the quality of training.


Whether it is a question of measuring the adequacy of the offer to needs or monitoring the effectiveness of the sessions, the evaluation of training courses proves to be a major issue in the quality approach for those involved in training (sponsors, organizations , trainers, ...)


From evaluation to effective training management

"You have the word, tell us everything! "


To decide on the effectiveness of training, invite and encourage each actor to express themselves


  • Sending of a targeted questionnaire to the training organization, the trainer, the N + 1 and the trainee

  • A multi-channel evaluation system allowing you to respond at any time and on all supports (Internet, SMS, paper, etc.)


  • Lively and interactive questionnaires (text zones, clickable images, etc.).

A powerful and automated device


Efficient management of feedback at every stage


  • Import lists of trainees via APIs


  • Automatic sending of the questionnaire at each key moment in the training chain (Kirkpatrick reference model): training program validation , prerequisites validation, expectations collection, instant feedback, evaluation of acquired skills, cold feedback and ROI study


  • Integrated solution for the dissemination of questionnaires through the collection of responses to the consultation of online reporting with automatic  report updates

360 ° and dynamic results


A device designed for all actors in a progressive logic


  • Complete assessment, aimed at each key actor, focused on optimizing the effectiveness of training: for the training organization (initial skills of the trainee), the trainer (better identify expectations), the sponsor (identify the best training organizations), the N + 1 (skills acquired by the trainee), the trainee (acquisition of new skills)


  • “Multi-entry” results : by training (satisfaction, dissatisfaction, quality improvement, etc.), by trainer, by trainee (chain of validation of acquired knowledge)


  • Results accessible in real time by all actors via personalized online reporting platforms


  • Tools allowing the reactive implementation of corrective actions : the trainees receive their evaluation by email. The training organization receives alerts in case of unsatisfactory trainees results

Our approach

Your benefits


A device designed to evaluate participant satisfaction at each stage of the training course


A dedicated platform for the programmed dissemination of the questionnaires and the real-time reporting of the results


An identification of all the needs, experiences, benefits and progress points for each player (trainees, trainers, managers)

Platforms analysis

Training evaluation
Hot survey of interns



WEBINAIRE : comment piloter vos formations pour répondre aux exigences de Qualiopi® ?_06.02.20

WEBINAIRE : comment piloter vos formations pour répondre aux exigences de Qualiopi® ?_06.02.20

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