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Do you need to carry out a survey for your internship report or your thesis? Are you looking for a solution that is professional, easy to use and free? You're in luck, we've thought of it!

Le Sphinx offers students a free Sphinx Declic license for 1 year non-renewable

(maximum 3 surveys - 200 responses per survey - 6000 email credits).

Why Sphinx Declic ?

  • It is a solution : Convivial, effective et performant.

  • A Web solution (in SaaS mode) accessible without prior installation.

  • Suitable for rapid and ad hoc surveys.

Sphinx Declic  is the ideal solution for surveys and memory projects since it makes it easy to carry out online surveys, from questionnaire design to data analysis (qualitative and quantitative) through the dissemination of the survey on different media.

un logiciel d'enquête 100% gratuit pendant 1 an, licenc gratuiteSphinc Declic non renouvelable

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