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Study & Research: 

Understand with scientific principles support

How to effectively conduct studies and research?
How can you easily complete your data analyzes to focus on your own thoughts and contributions on the subject?
How to check my hypotheses?

To be legitimate, research or studies must be based on scientifically indisputable tools and methods.

Today, it is important to find suitable solutions to meet the methodological and technical needs of each study or research work.

 Polyvalent and methodologically reliable solutions:
the key to the success of your studies and research work

Maximum quality responses


Solutions that make it easier to get actionable answers


  • A questionnaire containing all the elements necessary for relevant data processing (closed and open-ended questions, graduated scales, numerical, codes, tables, flash) and for obtaining sincere answers


  • Multichannel collection (Internet, SMS, QR code, paper, telephone) to adapt to the uses of your populations and targets.


  • Management of reminders and monitoring of quotas in order to ensure the representativeness of the sample of responses obtained.

A scientific study technique adapted to the need for study


Polyvalent and methodologically reliable solutions


  • The alliance of the quanti & quali: enrichment of your statistical results (indication of the evolutions, significance tests) by the verbatim qualitative analysis (restitution of the occurrences of ideas in word clouds, themes analysis and speech orientation).


  • According to  your needs, implementation of innovative survey techniques : wall of images crossed with word clouds, etc.

Optimized use of reliable data


  • The data processing to ensure the quality of your data set (sampling, recovery, identify unusual observations and non-relevant variables)


  • Efficient analyzes with relevant scientific methods and statistical tests (multivariate, textual analyzes, etc.)


  • The perspective and sharing the results with the data visualization and communication of reports and online refunds for dynamic, real-time consultation.

Our approach

Your benefits


Innovative studies protocols and methodologies 


From multi-channel data collection to advanced quantitative and qualitative analyses


The high standards and rigor of the social sciences at the heart of our business

Platforms analysis

The challenges of the studies
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