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Product/ Service test :

Maximize your chances

Is our product / service relevant in this market?
Does it meet the needs and expectations of consumers?
Is it well understood by our target customers? Is it attractive?

Only a minority of product or service launches are transformed into commercial success.

Success is sometimes due to an adjustment detail in the marketing mix.


To maximize your chances of success on the market, it is important, throughout the development process, to consult the target markets to test, verify, validate and optimize your product or service.

"Consumers first!" "


A co-creation process with target consumers / testers


  • A representative sample of your target market : constitution of a panel sized according to the number of tests and qualified with nearly 500 criteria


  • A continuous dialogue with consumers / testers : a panel to be solicited throughout the development process (concept testing, packaging proposal, prototypes, etc.)


  • A “win-win” dynamic : The Sphinx quickly collects feedback from panelists who receive incentives in return (access to the online gift shop, exclusive information, etc.)

To a 0 risk


Securing your choices and arbitrations with decision support tools


  • Qualitative pre-test phase (focus group) : needs and expectations, market offer diagnosis , concept(s) reception , understanding, attractiveness,  each one' s strengths and weaknesses, product mix evaluation (concept, packaging , price), consistency, necessary adjustments.


  • Measure the interest of target markets: uses and attitudes, concept(s) reception, ranking, purchasing intentions quantification  , etc.


  • In-depth study of the reception reserved for your concept(s), product(s) / service(s) : comparison of samples, averages, variance analysis, Chi-square test (CHISQ), McNemar test, verbatim analysis of open -ended questions (themes addressed, orientation of positive / negative / neutral discourse).

Speed ​​and responsiveness, conditions for success in the development race


A feedback system for close monitoring of your project


  • First results in record time : rapid feedback on your concept tests, prototypes, packaging via the conviviality of the collection modes (zone type, clickable images) ensuring a high and rapid response rate (online, tests in the room, at home …)


  • Results immediately available​ : monitoring and sharing of results through customized online reporting platforms with restricted access giving you the possibility of adjusting your project (concept formulation, packaging, etc.)


  • Instant analysis of your consumers / testers' verbatim: automatic identification of the reasons for membership and rejection your project.

Our approach

Your benefits


A constitution and animation of communities of testers through the management of qualified owner panels


Test management tools that provide answers in record time and quickly appropriated by your teams


Provision of indicators, benchmarks, analyzes, recommendations to ensure the success of your product or service

Platforms analysis

Product Test
Evaluation of the tested shoes
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