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Mobile collection

Collect customer feedback in real time!

The "phygitalization" of customer satisfaction surveys is a simple and innovative solution to measure customer satisfaction in real time. This method collects customer feedback instantly and before their perception is altered by the period of time separating the shopping experience and the moment of filling in the questionnaire.

Le Sphinx offers a turnkey solution for brands enabling them to listen and retain their customers without annoying them. They only need to place the kiosk / tablet in their outlets. 


The Sphinx is responsible for designing the questionnaire up to the analysis of the results in real time via an online reporting interface .



Customizable, rich, fun and attractive questionnaire (images, sounds, videos…)

Higher return and filling rates

Minimized risk of data entry errors

Real- time indicator reporting  

Measuring customer satisfaction instantly

All professions are concerned

Point of sale



Hospital / Clinic


Mass retainling




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