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Sphinx iQ 3

The reference software for all your study projects


Sphinx iQ 3 is an intuitive and powerful survey tool that brings a technical and methodological added value from the design of your questionnaires to the analysis of your data. Our flagship software accompanies you at every stage of your projects, from the simplest to the most sophisticated ones.

Sphinx iQ 2 software is intended for all professionals who carry out quantitative and qualitative surveys on a regular basis.

Highly efficient, intelligent and communicative, Sphinx iQ 2 is innovative at every stage of the survey, from the design of the questionnaire to its dissemination, analysis of the results and their communication.


Dynamic and interactive questionnaires that involve your respondents  

Diagram modeling for an intuitive and scalable structure

Direct configuration on the form for immediate rendering

All types of questions and presentation methods

Insertion of logos, charts, audio, video, multimedia elements for an attractive questionnaire

Powerful advanced functions: conditional displays, random page display and rotation, automatic question filling, timed response, automatic translation in more than 40 languages, ...

Template Library

Dissemination and data collection


A multiplication of dissemination media and an optimization of your response rates

E-mail dissimination, real-time response tracking and programmed reminder ( SphinxOnline Option )

Customized data entry interfaces

Multimodal manual entry

Online survey and access control ( SphinxOnline Option )

Multi-media dissemination: paper, web, smartphones, tablets, social networks, etc. ( SphinxMobile option )

Data analysis


Real-time reporting for immediate implementation of your action plan

Statistical explorer with data set qualification system, automatic analysis and uni, bi and multivariate analysis, etc.

Statistical indicators: numbers, percentage, averages, medians, standard deviation, specificities

Statistical tests: Chi2, correlation, Student, Fisher, confidence interval, etc.

Basic sorting, cross sorting graphs, mapping, barometers

SmartReporting : intelligent data analysis system based on experienced models

Key View Method allowing to visualize the main results only

Multiple factor analysis, principal component analysis, linear and multiple regressions, automatic classification, typologies, Manova, Anova, PLS regressions, structural equation modeling

Relationship graphs , segmentations, decision trees, importance / performance matrix

Qualitative analysis: content analysis, syntactic and lexicometric analysis, word clouds, identification of the orientation of the answers, etc.

Communication of results  


Synthetic results oriented towards decision making

Clear and operational results, generated in the form of complete and personalized dashboards

Reports produced automatically and integrate your analyzes, tables, graphs, illustrated by your own visuals and comments

Printing reports, slideshow presentation, insertion in Word / Excel, online reporting with WebReporting tool

Sharing results with your employees online and in real time

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