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Customer experience:

Satisfied needs, easy interaction, pleasant experience

At each contact, what did our customer think of us?
How to generate enchantment at each key moment?

How to manage the consequences of a bad purchasing experience?

How to minimize the loss of prospects in the future?

The customer experience is the global imprint left beyond the various points of contact (website navigation, purchase, after-sales service, etc.). 

More than ever, the customer experience is the source of satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer experience management:

a major lever for creating value for your customers and your brand

Real-time, continuous listening 

A dispositif :

  • Connected to your CRM through an API which automates the sending of questionnaires.

  • Multi-channel (Internet, SMS, paper) to adapt to your customers' needs.


  • Interactive, optimized to obtain better response rates and to collect the individuals expériences in a fine-tuned way (closed and open-ended questions).

  • Relying on standard and recurring KPIs, allowing you to benchmark your performance (satisfaction score, loyalty, NPS) and to follow their progress.

The analysis's acuity for an effective field action

  • Quanti / quali restitution combining key indicators and verbatim (exploited and restituted in words clouds and analysis on the orientation of the customer's speech).

  • Focus on your promoters and detractors customers for a better understanding of the levers and obstacles related to your customer journey.

  • Monitoring of the main satisfaction and customer loyalty indicators  (NPS, comparison by period, evolution of scores over time, etc.).

  • Analysis of your results compared to the market: perspective with our benchmarks by sector.

  • Statistical analysis to identify drivers of satisfaction and loyalty.

"All-in" collaborators, the guarantee of a high-performance customer service system

Instant feedback to the teams:

  • Monitoring of satisfaction indicators at each interaction with the brand.

  • Real-time processing of your customers' speech and feedback:  visualization of the main themes addressed thanks to the automatic analysis of the comments as they flow by.

Action-oriented dynamic device and continuous improvement:

  • Personalized feedback and action: implementation of online reporting platforms adapted to the profile of the different stakeholders in the company (employees, managers, directors, etc).

  • Sending automatic alerts to the manager, in case of non-achievement of quality objectives, for immediate corrective action.

Our approach

Your benefits


An expert collection of customer opinions through targeted, dynamic and convivial questionnaires.


Real-time monitoring of indicators, satisfaction drivers and themes contained in the comments


Attractive and targeted tools for a continuous customer-employee dialogue that allows us to act as soon as possible.


Platforms analysis

Real estate agency
Customer experience - National Vision

Other examples

infographie les tunisiens et les services clients Le sphinx MEA : DATAVIV'.jpg
First names
Monitoring of commercial activity
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Comment évaluer et agir sur l’expérience client pour fidéliser en temps de crise ?

Comment évaluer et agir sur l’expérience client pour fidéliser en temps de crise ?

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