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Sphinx Community

The best method for a qualified online panel

Sphinx Community is an integrated solution for building and managing proprietary panels and online communities . It makes it possible to respond to a global approach to questioning panels, from recruiting members to distributing online surveys and processing data.

The solution offers the benefit of regular exchanges with a panel, for a community marketing approach.


Application areas


        Programming of regular surveys with a panel of collaborators, testers, employees, trainees, customers, readers…


        Rapid dissemination of online surveys among a targeted sample


        Creation of a personalized panel


        Animation of a study community (news, newsletter, reward, etc.)

A qualified online panel to optimize targeting

Sphinx Community allows to constitute a qualified online panel. Membership is recruited via an online membership form, sent by email or accessible on a site. The qualification of the members is guaranteed by means of profiles and customized criteria, which later offer flexibility and reactivity in the selection of panellists concerned by a given study project.

Programming and dissemination of attractive studies

Sphinx Community allows you to  schedule and disseminate surveys among selected members. The design of the customized online questionnaires integrates all types of questions and interactive elements, in order to develop attractive surveys. The invitations are sent by e-mail, with tracking, follow-up contact and quota management.

Real-time tracking and analysis of results

Sphinx Community provides real-time tracking and analysis of survey results. The data is scrutinized, immediately processed and made accessible in customized dashboards that can be shared through access links.

Online communities' management and animation

Sphinx Community guarantees the management and the animation of the panels, in order to regularly raise awareness among the members, thanks to several functionalities, such as personalized welcome page for members, identification and tracking of their activity and handling of incentives and retributions.

In addition to your proprietary panels, benefit from access to an international panel!

Thanks to its partnership with Panel Cint, Le Sphinx gives you access to 7 million panellists: direct access from our systems to a worldwide group of panelists, multi-criteria selection, rapid obtention of replies.

Sphinx Community
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